snapshot-1475863296243Burner Glassworks is an all-American made product!  We don’t import any pre-made parts or pieces from outside the US. Our work is made top to bottom in our studio.  We cut all of our own percs, by hand, in-house.  We do use all European clear glass and ground joints., either German Schott or Czech Symax (depending on availability). We use only American made color.  All our materials are sourced from our amazing local provider Mountain Glass Arts.   We pay our glassblowers a fair price for their work.

Consumers please check the authorized dealer tab above to find a local shop to support before you order online.  Our brick and mortar customers are the reason we are where we are today and the reason the artistic glass market can support so much amazing national talent. Don’t order online unless you have to!

If you are interested in wholesale please create an account and email us so we can verify you as a store and you can see the wholesale pricing.  Everything is MSRP: Keystone plus 10%.  We will sell these products only to established stores operating legally in their respective jurisdictions.

By viewing this site you confirm that you are 18 years of age or older.  If you live in a state that has a higher age for the purchase of tobacco products we cannot ship to you!

All products on this website are intended for tobacco and federally legal herbs only.

Thanks and welcome to the Burner Family!


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